Wednesday, August 17, 2005 - Bangladesh Telecom

Banglalink launches another New Package

Few Months back after the launch of upper class, Banglalink has come up with another new product named "call & control".

The new product has the value of post-paid and the convenience of pre-paid.

The call & control's line connection will be billed through a fixed monthly fee (like post-paid), while talk time will be charged through pre-paid scratch cards (like pre-paid).

With this product, the customers will be able to enjoy low tariff rates of post-paid, which also means that the line does not get blocked or disconnected. Besides, validity period of scratch cards are unlimited.

Monthly fees are Tk. 50 for M2M and Tk. 125 for standard connections, says a press release.

Moreover, the airtime and SMS are set at specially lowered call & control rates. Airtime per minute charges as low as Tk. 4 for peak, Tk. 3 off peak and Tk. 1 late night on net, and Tk 4 peak, Tk. 3 off peak and Tk 1.76 late night off net. SMS per minute flat rates of Tk 1 on net and Tk 1.75 off net anytime of the day and night.

Besides, call & control offers some special exclusive services. The new services include the hotline number 100 that ensures the clients to get dedicated sales and customer care service whenever called and without delay. The call back service is another facility, where a subscriber can send the SMS "call me" to 120, and someone from Banglalink can call him or her.

Also there is personal assistant service, which answers the customers' calls, records the important messages and plays them back at an convenient time.

Ofcourse you can still get practically any assistance to make Banglalink mobile experience better and easier from BanglaLink Booths in the city.


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