Sunday, August 14, 2005 - Bangladesh Telecom

GrameenPhone announces Special Offers

GrameenPhone Ltd (GP) earlier today announced the launch of a new promotion with an offer of free airtime and other special features including first minute free incoming from BTTB call for Easy Gold subscribers.

Under the promotion that starts tomorrow (15th Aug) and will continue until September 10, GP is offering low connection charges for all its products including Tk 400 free airtime to be used up in both SMS and voice calls for the pre-paid connections.

Erik Aas, chief executive officer of GP, announced the new promotion at a press conference in Chittagong.

From August 15 onwards, GrameenPhone is also offering first minute free incoming from BTTB calls for EASY Gold subscribers, said GP officials.

Under the low connection charge option of this period (August 15 to September 10), Easy will be available at Tk 1,200, Easy Gold at Tk 2,000 while djuice connection at Tk 1,100 for the company's pre- paid segment, they said.

Under post-paid subscriptions, GP Regular (both way BTTB connectivity) will be available at Tk 4,495, Anytime 500 (bundle product with both way BTTB connectivity) at Tk 3,850 with Tk 1,500 bundle fee included. Anytime 300 (with incoming BTTB connectivity) will be available at Tk 3,275 with Tk 1,000 bundle fee included. And GP National (with incoming BTTB connectivity) will be available at Tk 2,125.

Besides, for dJuice, a special promotion will run for three months starting from August 11, under which all existing and new djuice subscribers will enjoy extended off-peak hour from 10pm to 6am instead of previous 12pm to 6am.


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