Monday, October 17, 2005 - Bangladesh Telecom

AKTel slashes pre-paid call charge

AKTel, the second largest mobile operator in the country, has refixed its call charges and reduced its tariff for pre-paid services to 0: 33 paisa per 10 seconds pulse.

According to newspaper advertisement, the current AKTel call charges are as follows: From AKTel to any AKTel number Tk 4.30/minute during pick hour (8am- 8pm), Tk. 4 during off pick hour (8 pm- 12 pm ) and Tk. 2 for Night bird talk plan (12 am- 8 am).

But call from AKTel to others operators will cost Tk 4.90/ per minute during pick hour and off pick hour while Night bird is Tk 2.50/ per minute. For outgoing calls to BTTB, pick and off pick hour tarrif will be the same Tk 4.90 plus BTTB charges.

The incoming calls are free from all the mobile operators as usually. But in case of incoming calls from BTTB, the first minute will be free and charges from the second minute and onward during pick and off pick hour has been fixed Tk 1.50, Tk 1.50 and for Night bird Tk 1 per minute.

For BTTB calls, BTTB time bond will be applicable. More over subscribers can talk to 3 AKTel friends and family skim numbers round the clock at a flat rate of Tk 2 per minute. SMS charges for AKTel to AKTel numbers has been fixed Tk 1.50 and from AKTel to other mobile operators Tk. 2 without VAT. VAT will be applicable to all charges.


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