Saturday, September 24, 2005 - Bangladesh Telecom

Goverment seeks $25m loan from S Korea for internet project

The government is set to seek around $25 million soft loan to South Korea to improve its internet infrastructure with a view to providing high speed internet service across the country.

Sources in the ministry of posts and telecommunications said that they had sent a proposal to the economic relations division under the finance ministry to scrutinise the deal with the Korean government.

The government has taken up Tk 220 crore project titled 'Infobhahon' as an extension of the ongoing internet project, aiming to improve the service.

Earlier, the Korean government expressed interest in providing soft loan on the BTTB internet infrastructure project, said officials of the telecom ministry.

Ministry sources said that the ERD would send a team soon to South Korea to finalise terms and conditions of the loan agreement.

'The local internet service providers will also be benefited once the project is implemented,' said an official of the telephone board.

'If the project is implemented, the internet users will able to swap data at a faster rate,' said the official.

The BTTB first introduced internet in Bangladesh in 1997 and currently covers all the 64 districts and two-thirds of upazilas in the country.

According to the industry sources, there are around 10 lakh internet subscribers in Bangladesh provided by around 50 internet service providers and the telephone board.


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