Thursday, September 29, 2005 - Bangladesh Telecom

GP launches voice message service

From now all GrameenPhone subscribers will be able to send voice messages from now on. This is part of Grameen’s effort to provide better communication services, said a press release by the country's leading cellphone operator.

The press release claimed that the new service will ease subscribers' ways of communication at a lower cost. Grameen subscribers will be able to record their messages and thus be able to say what they want in any language, says the release.

It also pointed out that a voice message would not require reading or writing.

The release explains the procedure to send voice messages, 'One only has to press * followed by the receiver’s number to send a Voice SMS of 30 second duration.'

Each voice message will cost Tk 2.5. 'Receivers can listen to new Voice Messages free of cost by simply dialing *0*.'


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