Saturday, March 25, 2006 - Bangladesh Telecom

GrameenPhone opens subscriber info office

The largest mobile operator in Bangladesh, GrameenPhone, recently launched a digital data entry of its subscribers under the new registration programme.

Data entry from the registration forms filled in by subscribers has started in the new office at Basundhara City on Panthapath equipped with 600 computers from mid- March.

All the bits of information on a subscriber, according to the registration form, are stored in the main server.

GrameenPhone information department general manager Syed Yamin Bakht said the decision on the beginning of re-registration would be made soon as the process needed to be completed by May as directed by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.

New subscribers will need to fill in the registration forms, designed by the regulatory commission, available with 600 GrameenPhone service desks spanning 61 districts.

Eight major customer centres in six cities control the service desks and collect all forms of the subscribers. The forms are sent to the office at Basundhara City for data entry. The hard copies are stored in the operator’s warehouse at Tejgaon.

Sources said the operator, which has about five million subscribers, has 1,400 people with it across Bangladesh.

GrameenPhone, which had a subscriber base of 2.4 million in December 2004, doubled the number to five million covering 60 per cent of the market, said Syed Yamin Bakht.


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