Sunday, October 23, 2005 - Bangladesh Telecom

Bangla SMS - New software for SMS in Bangla

Mobile phone users, from now on, will be able to write texts of short message service (SMS) in Bangla, if cellphone operators introduce the designated software, which is suitable for the purpose of writing and reading Bangla script.

Two Bangladeshi students of computer science and engineering have recently developed such software to enable Bangla-speaking people to exchange SMS in Bangla in a faster manner and without much hassles of writing joint alphabets.

The software is an ‘intelligent Bangla text input system’ named b786 which has contained the facility of writing Bangla words by using both traditional and exclusive keypads.

The exclusive Bangla mobile keypad has been designed in compatible with the relevant software.

For writing a word by exclusive keypad, a user has to push cell phone button 4.014 times on an average, which is 2.57 times faster than other traditional key pads, according to the method developed by Kamrul Hasan and Ahsan Morshed, students of the 8th semester of International Islamic University, Chittagong.

The b786 software combines the groups of letters found on each key with faster access to the words and recognises what a user wants to type. The Bangla mobile keypad, providing auto correction system, is expected to replace the current method of writing distorted Bangla words with English alphabets.

‘Our aim was to make something that can facilitate expressing one’s feelings in Bangla in SMS. Our method offers extra comforts to those whose mother tongue is Bangla and to those who are learners,’ the duo said while introducing the new software.

They also expressed willingness to market this software through the mobile phone operating companies, mainly targeting Bangla- speaking people in Bangladesh and India’s West Bengal.

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