Tuesday, November 22, 2005 - Bangladesh Telecom

GrameenPhone reiterates demand for tax cut on SIM cards

GrameenPhone Ltd, the leading cellphone operator, yesterday reiterated its demand for tax cut on SIM cards to boost the growth of mobile phone industry.

Tk 900 tax on SIM cards has slowed down the growth of mobile phone subscription growth in the country, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of GrameenPhone Erik Aas told a press briefing at a hotel in Sylhet.

'If the government reduces the tax the market will see a major change in terms of growth,' Aas said.

Syed Yamin Bakht, general manager (Information), and Aulad Hossain, regional head of the company, also spoke at the function.

The GP officials were on an official visit to the divisional city.

'By the end this year there will be some 90 lakh customers in the country. But the number could have been 1.2 crore had there been no tax on the SIM cards,' said Aas.


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