Tuesday, June 07, 2005 - Bangladesh Telecom

Teletalk connection fee reduced to Tk. 2,700

Teletalk authority adjusted its SIM price as VAT on SIM card was brought down to Tk 900 from Tk 1,200. From now on Teletalk applicant has to pay (Tk. 1800 as connection fee + Tk. 900 as VAT) = Tk. 2,700 in total. Those who have already paid Tk. 3000/- for having their SIM Card instead of Tk. 2,700 Teletalk has decided to adjust the paid extra Tk. 300 by including that amount in their "Talktime". Honorable Subscribers need not contact us personally. It might require around one week to workout, says Teletalk authority on it's website recently.


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